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So, you are thinking of joining a Cruising Club?........ Why Lymm?
We describe ourselves as a "self help" Club. What does that mean?... Well it doesn't mean that we just "help-ourselves". It means that within the Club we also help each other.
Every job in Lymm Cruising Club is voluntary. No one is paid. Each and every member is expected to contribute something in addition to paying their fees every year.
This "self help" can come in various forms and quantities. The Clubhouse and Yard facilities plus the moorings are always in need of maintenance and improvement. So, you may want to practice or learn bricklaying, painting, concreting or gardening skills. But, don't worry if you feel that you are not up to these tasks. It could be that you make the best cup of tea (or coffee) on the cut. The people doing the jobs mentioned will always welcome a brew!
We also organise our own social events. For most of these food is prepared in our modern kitchen, so catering and pot-washing skills come in very handy. The bar would need manning, glasses collected etc. All this helps to lower the costs of boating & socialising with fellow members.
What are the criteria for joining?
  • Primarily, you need to be a boater. Have your own boat or be 'associated' to one. (ie. partner, spouse, children or close reletives are automatically considered along with the main applicant(s) who own the boat.
  • You will have to be Sponsored by two exisisting members. This would not exclude you if you don't know anyone at Lymm CC yet. Please contact our Membership Secretary who will explain the procedure in these circumstances.
  • You really want to be a part of a Club with an active cruising and social programme.


The club has three mooring sites. Lymm Clubhouse, Oughtrington and Agden. The facilities at each mooring varies. Lymm & Agden both have electricity available to each boat. All of the moorings have access to a water point.
All other main facilities. Elson Disposal, Pump-out, Shower and Workshop are available at the Clubhouse. In addition to these there is also a Slipway for boat maintenance.
Their is no charge made to Club members for these facilities.
Currently we are taking on new members and moorings are only issued to members.
They are allocated in a manner which optimises the space that comes available by our Mooring Officer.
Each member is responsible for the tidiness and grass care along their mooring from the canal edge to the boundary fence/hedge/wall.
If you wish to join or just want more information please go to the Contact Us page.